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Affirmations 102: How To Create An Affirmations Board To Master Your Mindset

Everyone’s heard of a vision board, but have you ever heard of an affirmations board?

If you haven’t, have no fear, I’m here to tell you all about them! An affirmation board is similar to a vision board in that you use it to help you visualize things the way you want them to be. A vision board may focus on more tangible things such as travel, wanting to be at a certain weight or have a certain body type, getting a certain job or reaching something on your bucket list such as becoming an author.

An affirmation board on the other hand, is primarily focused on your mindset. Maybe you want to improve your self-esteem, or you want to develop more confidence in a certain area of your life. That’s the time to use an affirmations board.

Creating one is quite simple:

  1. Find affirmations that you like.

  2. Place them on your board.

But let’s look a little deeper. 😊

The first step that you should take is to think about what you’d like your affirmation board to help you tackle. Take the time to do some self-reflection. Ask yourself, “What are areas in my life that I’d like to improve my thinking around?” or “Where are some areas that I’d like to think more positively about or feel more confident in?”

Once you’ve figured out the area that you wish to improve, then it’s time to find affirmations. If you like poetry or writing you can create your own, or you can look towards your favorite quotes or google specific affirmation themes.

When you find the affirmations that you like, type them up or write them out. Since this is your board have fun with it. Use interesting fonts (if typing), put your affirmations on pretty paper or use a color besides black.

Once your affirmations are all set, then it’s time to hunt for pictures! The pictures that you choose should represent your affirmations and what you aspire to.

When you have your pictures, then it’s time to prepare your board. The board doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It can be a bulletin board, a posterboard, a wire wall grid, a picture frame or a magnetic whiteboard. Whatever you like or whatever you have. Decorate your board – use scrapbook paper, gift wrapping paper, beautiful stationary or tissue paper. Whatever you like or whatever you have.

After your board is decorated, then it’s time to add your affirmations! There are a few ways that you can do this. You can either place the affirmations all around the board or you can place them on the board in different quadrants based on themes. Add your pictures and any additional materials such as stickers.

Next you’re gonna find the perfect location for your affirmation board. Ideally, it would be in a place where you can see it every day. That can be by your bed, in your home office or any room in your home where you spend a great deal of time.

There are several ways to use your affirmation board. Reading all of the affirmations every time you look at the board is one way, but the method that I like and use is taking it one affirmation at a time. Each day when you look at your affirmation board, pick one affirmation to focus on for that day. That gives you the time to dive deeply into the affirmation which helps it become a part of you and help change your mindset. Once you’ve cycled through all of the affirmations on your board, it’s time to begin again.

Now if you’re more of an electronic aficionado, you can easily create your affirmation board electronically by using programs such as PowerPoint or Canva. This gives you a ton of options as far as pictures, fonts and colors are concerned. It means that you’re not just limited to pictures or words found in magazines.

So there you have it, an easy way to help master your mindset through the power of affirmations. It’s all about Making Time.

Let’s talk, what mindset change are you looking to make through your affirmation board? Let me know in the comments section.


Cassandra Martin-Himmons is a trainer, wellness coach and consultant who believes in empowering her clients and providing the tools that they need to make positive changes in their lives to manage their stress and increase their self-care. In her spare time, she enjoys papercrafting, volunteering and travel. Connect with her on Instagram or LinkedIn


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