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12 Week Stress Management Coaching Program

The Secret To Releasing Stress And Building Resilience

As a family caregiver, do you feel that it's difficult to get things accomplished?  Are stress and anxiety constant companions?  Would you like to improve your sleep energy and focus? Stress Management Coaching may be the answer.

Welcome to Stress Management Coaching

Learn what is triggering your stress, your reactions to stress and the necessary techniques to relieve your stress, decrease its negative effects and develop resilience for the long term.

Overwhelm is NOT your only option.

Your stress can affect your mental and physical health. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You worry about everything, especially being able to juggle responsibilities at work and at home.

  • You’re exhausted but you can’t seem to sleep.

  • You have trouble concentrating and making decisions.

  • Your digestive system feels out of whack (bloating, gas, etc.).

  • You feel like you’re catching 20 colds a year.

  • You’re completely overwhelmed with everything.

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"Prior to receiving stress management coaching I was always stressed out about work and stress eating as a result.


Since I completed the stress coaching program, I’m feeling calmer and have stopped stress eating.  This experience has helped me have less stress, incorporate more deep breathing into my everyday life and has given me a more positive outlook on life.

For anyone considering coaching, I’d say go for it! Working with Cassandra helped me to set priorities, learn relaxation skills and lower my overall stress.

Anyone with a fast paced job or high overall stress would benefit from this program."

- Warren C.

This program is not going to help you eliminate stress from your life altogether. What this program does is empower you to tackle stress from two different angles:


  • The first is to “fill your cup” with self-care.

  • The second is to learn effective strategies to decrease your stressors.

There are 12 sessions for this program.

• WEEK ONE: About Stress

• WEEK TWO: Stress Response

• WEEK THREE: Relaxation Response

• WEEK FOUR: Relaxation Practice

• WEEK FIVE: Healthy Habits

• MODULE SIX: Cognitive Restructuring

• WEEK SEVEN: Establish a Support Network

• WEEK EIGHT: Positive Psychology

• WEEK NINE: Self-Care

• WEEK TEN: Avoiding Stress

•  WEEK ELEVEN: Your Plan for Stress

• WEEK TWELVE: Going Forward

You CAN do this! 

Stop struggling with stress.

Sleep better.

Improve your health.

Incorporate more self-care into your life.

Cost $1,200

You will receive:

  • 1 free 30 - minute Stress Insight Consultation

  • Twelve 50-minute coaching sessions

  • Video, audio & written materials to supplement the coaching sessions


As part of this stress management coaching package you will have access to:

  • Voxer coaching between sessions.

  • Monthly deep breathing & meditation sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Stress Management Coaching? Stress management coaching is a personalized process where your coach helps you identify sources of stress, develop coping strategies, and improve your overall well-being.

How can stress management coaching help me balance my caregiving duties and work responsibilities? Stress management coaching can provide you with tools and strategies to manage your stress more effectively, allowing you to juggle your caregiving duties and work responsibilities with greater ease and resilience.

What can I expect during a typical stress management coaching session? During a coaching session, you can expect to discuss your stressors, set goals, explore coping strategies, and receive support and guidance from your coach.

Will I have enough time for stress management coaching? Coaching sessions can be scheduled at your convenience, and we can work together to find time in your schedule. Investing time in coaching now can save you time in the long run by helping you become more efficient and productive in managing your responsibilities

I'm hesitant to invest in coaching when I'm already stretched financially. Consider coaching as an investment in your well-being. The benefits you'll gain from learning to manage stress more effectively will outweigh the cost in the long term. We can also explore flexible payment options to accommodate your budget.

Isn’t it embarrassing to admit that I need help managing my stress? Seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Many women face similar challenges, and coaching provides a safe and supportive space to address your concerns without judgment. Your well-being is important, and it's okay to ask for support.

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