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12 Week Stress Management Coaching Program

The Secret To Releasing Stress And Building Resilience

As a family caregiver, do you feel that it's difficult to get things accomplished?  Are stress and anxiety constant companions?  Would you like to improve your sleep energy and focus? Stress Management Coaching may be the answer.

Welcome to Stress Management for Family Caregivers

Learn what is triggering your stress, your reactions to stress and the necessary techniques to relieve your stress, decrease its negative effects and develop resilience for the long term.

In This Coaching Program You Will:

Develop a personalized plan which incorporates coping strategies and relaxation techniques to decrease the impact of stress on your mind and body.

Learn healthy habits to reduce stress.

Learn to replace negative stress inducing thoughts with more balanced thinking that doesn't produce stress.

Explore ways to develop your support system and learn that it's okay to ask for help. 

Developing resilience with physical, social and mental self-care.

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There are 12 Weekly Modules for this program.

• WEEK ONE: About Stress

• WEEK TWO: Stress Response

• WEEK THREE: Relaxation Response

• WEEK FOUR: Relaxation Practice

• WEEK FIVE: Healthy Habits

• MODULE SIX: Cognitive Restructuring

• WEEK SEVEN: Establish a Support Network

• WEEK EIGHT: Positive Psychology

• WEEK NINE: Self-Care

• WEEK TEN: Avoiding Stress

•  WEEK ELEVEN: Your Plan for Stress

• WEEK TWELVE: Going Forward

You CAN do this! 

Stop struggling with stress.

Sleep better.

Improve your health.

Incorporate more self-care into your life.

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