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How To Use Visualization to Reach Your Goals

Do you ever think about what it’ll be like when you reach a goal? If you do, that’s visualization in action.

You possess the most powerful tool available on the planet to reach your goals: your mind. What you think, imagination, your attitude and drive are there waiting for you to tap into them to make your goals into reality.

Visualization is empowering and the funny thing about it is that it’s a technique we use all the time without always realizing it. For instance, you’re visualizing when you:

  • plan a vacation

  • redecorate your house

  • plan family get-togethers

  • work out your grocery list

  • decide what to wear or have for lunch

What all these activities have in common is that they depend on you having a vision or an idea of where you want to be, how you want to look, how you feel or what you want your life to be like. The closer your real life is to how you visualize it, the easier it is for you to manage your stress before your stress manages you.

In this post, I’m going to talk about how to use visualization in the pursuit of reaching your goals.

When you’re looking to achieve something, it’s important to have a process that will help you along the way. Continual use of your process will help you hone it and make it easier each time you have a goal.

  • Brainstorming

  • Planning

  • Writing it Down

  • Visualization

  • Review

  • Reward

Each is a key component in my ability to achieve my goals. However, without visualization the other pieces don’t really fall into place.

What Is Visualization?

Visualization is having an outcome that you want to achieve and holding that outcome in your mind. As you hold the outcome in your mind, use all your senses – How does it feel? What does it smell like? Who’s around? What sounds do you hear? Think of all the details that you can to make it feel real to you.

That my friends is the power of visualization. The more you can picture the outcome in your mind, the better shot you have at achieving your goal.

Visualization should be a conscious process. As such you can use it as a planning tool or a motivational exercise. You can and should make your visualization a formal part of your goal setting process.

How To Visualize

  1. Find a quiet spot, where you won’t be interrupted. Make sure you have pen and paper, a notebook or your iPad.

  2. Close your eyes and think about your goal. Hold it in your mind’s eye, right in the center of your mind.

  3. Take three long, slow deep breaths and relax inhaling through your nostrils and exhaling through your mouth, then hold the image in your mind.

  4. Imagine every aspect of achieving your goal. Use the questions from the ‘what is visualization’ section of this post. Think about what it’s like to have worked hard and accomplished what you set out to achieve?

  5. Open your eyes and write down as much detail as you can. Don’t stop to filter or edit, just let the words flow.

  6. Practice this exercise as often as you can, so your mind becomes familiar with how success feels.

When To Visualize

Beyond using visualization when you have a goal that you’re actively working to achieve, it can also be a great tool to use in stressful situations, to build your confidence or to re-energize your motivation.

Once you’ve visualized your goal and built up a strong image, you can return to it whenever you want and use it to:

  • Reinforce your positive mindset and build that mental muscle memory

  • Focus on the tasks that will help you reach your goal

  • Rehearse presentations or performances, so you’re ready to perform at your best

  • Motivate yourself, if you don’t want to get up and go for that run, or if you feel tempted to eat that burger or that cake instead of something more nutritious.

Part of the power of visualization is that it creates success. Once you’ve visualized success, to your mind that goal is already a reality. Since you’ll already know what reaching your goal looks and feels like, all you need to do now is make it happen. It’s all about making time.

Let’s talk how often do you visualize your goals? Let me know in the comments section.


Cassandra Martin-Himmons is a trainer, wellness coach and consultant who believes in empowering her clients and providing the tools that they need to make positive changes in their lives to manage their stress and increase their self-care. In her spare time, she enjoys papercrafting, volunteering and travel. Connect with her on Instagram or Linked/In

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